Калевала и дети

The winners
The works of the participants of the competition

From February, 28 till June, 11, 1998, the competition devoted to a 150-anniversary of the full edition of the epos "Kalevala" (1849-1999) has taken place in the republic.

The founders of the competition are:

  • Society of the women of "Kalevala"
  • Ministry of Education and of Youth of the Republic of Karelia
  • The Republican Children's Museum Center
  • Pupils from 21 high schools, schools of arts, art schools, shcools of creativity etc. from 12 areas of republic and cities of Petrozavodsk have participated in the competition.

    The competition had 3 rounds.
    The first round passed from February, 28 till April, 28 in educational institutions.
    The second round passed from April, 28 till May, 28 in the cities and regions of the republic. As a result 258 works of 230 authors was selected.
    The third round was the republican selection, and it had passed from May, 28 till June, 11 in Petrozavodsk.

    The jury of the competition included:
    the chairman - B.R.Akbulatov, the judges: B.N.Pomortsev, T.G.Yufa, G.L.Zaharova, L.A.Nikiforova, M.M.Yufa, I.N.Galkina, the secretary - A.I.Rogacheva

    The jury has worked in two directions:

  • the selection of works, illustrating the texts of the runos of "Kalevala" for the exhibition devoted to the 150-th anniversary of the full edition of "Kalevala"
  • the choice of the three best works which authors will be awarded by the society of the women of "Kalevala".
  • 160 works of 148 authors have been selected for the exhibition.
    The following works have been submitted for the rewarding by the society of the women of "Kalevala":

    1 place - Olya Luzina, 14 years, the Children's art school of Kondopoga "Louhi steals the moon and the sun"

    2 place - Marina Merlushkina, 12 years, settlement of Kestenga "Vipunen"

    3 place - Maya Lysacheva, 13 years, secondary art school#1 of Petrozavodsk "Lemminkainen practises witchcraft on animals".

    While creating their drawings children had used texts of runos in retelling of A.L.Lubarskaya and runos in translation of L.P.Vol'sky.

    The attention to the textx of "Kalevala" has been paid by the pupils of the following schools:

  • Children's art school of Suojarvi
  • Secondary schools of Kondopoga
  • Children's art school of Lahdenpohja
  • Secondary school of Vedlozero
  • Creativity school of Medvezhiegorsk
  • Children's art school of Kondopoga
  • Children's art school of Kostomuksha
  • Secondary schools of Byelomorsky region
  • Secondary schools of Kalevalsky region
  • Karelian state museum of local lore, history, and economy.